Where spiritually conscious folks discover their Divine gifts and receive support and healing so they can integrate their soul’s purpose into their everyday life and living.

 Consciousness is rising…fast.

The world is waking up, and fast.  You’re waking up to realize there’s something bigger and deeper, something…more.  You know you’re a spiritual being here in a human body, you know you can create your own reality, and your soul is calling you to something even more profound…your Divine Self-expression in life, love, and your living without limitation.

Maybe there have been limitations that are really frustrating, and you’ve not figured out how to break through…even with loads of inner work.  Maybe you still find yourself energetically hijacked as empaths tend to experience.  Maybe you’re running on burnout or exhaustion even though you’re “doing all the things ‘right’” and feel like you “should” have plenty of energy and emotional space.  Maybe there’s something else you just can’t seem to get to work, and you know deep within your being that it is possible for you.

But here's the deal...

As consciousness raises and you’re vibrating at higher frequencies, you’re called to step deeper into your soul’s gifts and purpose.  You’re called to remember your soul’s original design and structure and to live into it more—at all levels of your being and in every area of life.

 You know you’re shifting your vibration rate and experiencing a vibrational issue when:

֍  Things that were working just don’t work anymore.

֍  Healing modalities and methods you’ve used just aren’t taking you to that next level breakthrough you want.

֍  You know everything you could ever want is right there in the non-physical…but just won’t seem to manifest into the physical.

Are ya with me?  Does this sound like you?

If so, this is for you.
The world is awakening, and it’s happening faster than ever before. The Earth herself is raising her consciousness–and so humanity’s consciousness is rising as well. We are each called to step deeper into our unique Divine Self-expression and to live into it more and more. It’s a journey, not a destination. This journey is one that is immensely rewarding, healing, and freeing.

You are being called to remember and integrate your soul’s original design.

Your Next Level Transformation:

Your Soul Blueprint Reading

All you need to finally understand clearly how you are designed to operate so you can live your life on your soul’s purpose.

Discover the 5 major elements of your soul’s design and how they show up in your life.

Understanding how you are designed at soul-level is radical permission to be your truest self and the formula to create your next level life again and again–according to your soul.

Quantum Excavation

Uncover and release energies causing blocks and restrictions that keep you stuck.  Gain deeper understanding of past choices and events, stop taking on other people’s stuff, and move forward on your own Divine Journey.


Quantum Alignment

Mentorship into your practical and practiced multidimensional alignment.

By application only.


Alignment to your soul’s original design is the key to reciving what you desire

Hi!  I’m Katie Kieffer

Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and the Author of Coffee with the Angels.

It’s a great honor to teach clients about how their unique soul is designed and help them implement it into their everyday life and even how they make a living.  It lights me up when they realize there’s nothing wrong with them—that how something they’ve considered “wrong” is actually how they are designed to operate.  Creating a sacred space for healing and connection to support my clients in learning about, and integrating, their soul-level gifts and purpose into their everyday life and living is a true joy.

 The Akashic Records Hold Your Soul Blueprint

Your Soul Blueprint is your soul’s operations manual.  Quite literally how you are designed to operate according to your original soul design!  Your Soul Blueprint holds the information of your soul-level, Divine gifts and talents, traits, characteristics, how you are designed to receive vital force energy and to create your experiences and reality.  As your consicousness raises, aligning to your Soul Blueprint becomes more and more important in getting the results you want in life.  It is also the most important reference point when engaging in healing work.  You can literally be attempting to heal your way into being or doing things that are simply incongruent to who you are at soul-level!  Seriously.  Ask me how I know!


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the superhighway of all Universal information.  They’re often liked to a library.  I find them to be more of a database like the internet.  Each soul has its own record containing the information of all choices ever made.  Since the Akashic Records hold all of the information of the Universe, there is a vast amout of information there that is irrelevant to your current experience.  To bring you the most useful, practical, and transformational information only your soul’s record is accessed in a very precise, focused way, and very specific queries are made.

Step Into Your Truest Self-Expression!