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I scheduled a session with Katie not sure what to expect but wanting help with releasing old patterns so that I could more easily move forward in my business. The session was AMAZING. Not only did we clear the patterns (including way deeper levels of some patterns that I had worked on for years), but Katie implanted some key awarenesses and definitions that have made a huge difference. I feel much more spacious and confident moving forward now and new opportunities are already presenting themselves! I highly recommend Katie for anyone who has a block to moving forward in the direction they want. Thank you Katie!   11/2016


Kristine Madera

When you did that reading and healing it really helped me with my business.  I‘ve been getting a lot more good clients, parties and readings, without added effort.  I’ve also had some other money come through, a grant applied for and an unexpected refund from an old cancelled account!  You hooked up my receptors quite successfully.  02/2017


Paula Taylor

Last night, while doing the Connection meditation you sent (I’ve been doing it almost daily, btw…….and thanks so much for sharing it!!) I had a bit of a peak experience.  I went into the Light and simply requested that all blocks be dissolved, cleansed and healed and replaced with Divine Love – then I put the recording on “pause.” I felt liquid Light moving in through my crown and down throughout my physical and energy bodies. I could literally *feel* the releasing of blockage – in the same way I experience it happening during a GOOD Reiki session. Was euphoric at the end of the meditation, and have retained it over night. Slept like the proverbial dead – LOL!!!! Big stuff!!!! Good stuff!!!!!  04/2017


Jaci Sivley, Reiki Master, Past Life Regressionist, Consciousness Coach, and E.F.T.

What I love most about Theta Healing sessions with Katie is that I start seeing results almost immediately – so her work is very powerful, and yet Katie’s approach is so nurturing and gentle! I always feel super comfortable, and comforted, in sessions with her. This is something that truly sets her apart; she creates a safe and nurturing space for the client to dive deep. After my last session with Katie I saw examples of my new beliefs in action within hours! People began respecting my boundaries after a lifetime of struggle with this… Thank you, Katie, for being the superstar Theta Healer that you are!


Casey C., Today Is Magical

Katie is a wonderful healer. We’ve worked together on many issues that I felt too nervous to work on before, but she put me at ease and was very understanding and non judgmental, which really helped me open up further and as a result, I had an excellent healing. I’ve also found her very patient. She has a lovely healing energy and I know I am in good hands when I’m working with her. I would definitely recommend Katie and I’ll continue to work with her in future, not only because she is a fantastic healer, but also because she has become a valued friend. 2015


Kelly Meisak

:  “Since I’ve been working with you, a lot of the stuff that I felt was just clinging and hanging there is just gone. Working with you has shown me that there is a purpose here, there is a reason.  There is a way to move on from all that crap, the stuff that is drilled in your head, through your life, the programming. You can actually deprogram it. It’s like having a Norton eraser in your brain.  Clear it out, go in and clear out all the bad crap. And it’s nice because it lets you think for yourself.

It’s like going to the airport, and you see these families with 5 kids all in diapers. They’ve got the carry stuff, the luggage, just dragging all this crap with them and they just look like uuuggghhh. Then you’ve got the one that’s just got the little carry-on. Well, now I’m the one with the little carry-on. I’m not dragging all that shit anymore and it’s allowing me to think different.”  2015

D.M. Bianchi

Working with Katie has been a significant contribution in my healing process from a life threatening illness. Katie has a genuine and loving way of accurately finding the root cause of any issue that presents during a session. When working with her, I feel safe and supported, and through her, I totally feel the loving presence of the Divine. Her sessions are truly transformational. Since working with her, not only my physical health improved but also I noticed great improvements in every area of my life; in my business, in my relationships and most importantly a better connection to myself and to my true potential. Katie is truly a blessing in my life. 2015

Gizella T.

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Compliments shared Anonymously


  • “I feel so much lighter since talking to you and I can see the drama in my family’s interactions with each other tonight and not fall into them.”
  • “Thank you Katie, if we didn’t have all those sessions together, and especially the one yesterday, I would never be able to manage such a big thing with so much maturity. This has been the biggest overcome of my entire life. This is FREEDOM!!!”
  • “I feel so much calmer and lighter and … Less judgmental? I don’t know how to explain that one haha but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support and how grateful I am to know you. Thank you 🙂 “
  • “Completely changed my life”
  • “I just did the meditation and asked to know how it feels. To be open and open to receiving. It was awesome. The feelings, the beautiful colors… I wanted to stay there all day.”