All you need to finally understand clearly how you are designed

to operate so you can live your life on your soul’s purpose.

Your soul was designed as a unique expression of the Divine.  Gaining deeper understanding and self-awareness of how you were created as a soul gifts you with the deepest truth of who you are and grants radical permission to be your Divine Self in the flesh.

A unique blend of energies are combined in your soul.  The energies themselves are not necessarily unique to you, but their amounts and how they are put together are.  This can be likened to creating a meal.  The ingredients themselves aren’t unique, but how they are selected and combined are.  Here’s a peek at your Divine ingredients:

Soul Origination

Your innate characteristics are revealed in your Soul Origin.

Primary Energies & Matrix

Your dominant energies reveal your innate nature, what is most important to your soul, and what your soul is least concerned with.

Soul Operating System

Your Operating System reveals just that…how you are designed to operate.  Is your soul designed to instigate or respond?  Does your soul ask “How am I like this/that?” or “How am I different from this/that?”  Are you process oriented or outcome oriented?  All these, plus some others, are how you are Divinely designed to operate, and they are major keys to how you manifest.

Soul Specializations

Your Soul Specializations reveal skill your soul has mastered.

Life Themes (or "lessons")

Your Life Themes (or “lessons”) reveal what your soul has chosen to experience from a 360° view.  They may also be karma that’s being worked out, a way of being the soul is seeking to understand and grow, or exploration of how to do a life theme in a way that is appropriate for you, without crossing over into negative choices that generate “negative” karma.

Understanding your unique design can be a beautiful reclamation of your personal power in your own life!  When you know how you are designed, you have far more choice in what you do and how you show up in your own life.

Discovering the truth of who you are at soul level is radical permission for self-acceptance, self-love, and authenticity.

Your unique design is how you were made by the Creator.  The record of your Original Soul Blueprint is in the Akashic Records, and can be accessed and understood so you can:


Have greater abundance

(without having to work hard for it)

Enjoy true freedom in who you really are

(without having to fight for it)

Give yourself radical permission to live your truest self-expression

(instead of feeling like you have to hide your true self)

Have better understanding of your soul’s path, mission, and desires

(instead of wondering just what it is your soul wants)

Receive greater flow of Vital Force Energy

(so you can be more energized in body, mind, and spirit)

One of the major causes of deep-seated recurring life and health issues I have seen in myself and in clients over and over is that of being imbalanced and misaligned with ourselves.


Your Soul Blueprint offers an energetic map of yourself.

What You Receive With A Soul Blueprint Reading

Live Session via Zoom

A live session to go over your comprehensive Soul Blueprint.  This meeting is generally an hour and a half to two hours.


All Soul Blueprint readings are done over Zoom so we can record them!  You get a recording that you can download to revisit and review at any time.

Preparation Time

Prior to our meeting, I access your soul’s record and retreive extensive information of your Original Soul Blueprint.

Deep Self-Understanding & Self-Acceptance

As your reading unfolds, you’ll begin to see patterns that line up with how your soul is designed!  It’s massive permission to allow your true nature to shine through.

Practical, Actionable Ideas

What good does understanding who you are at soul level do if there aren’t any practical, actionable ideas for you to DO?  This is where the woo meets down-to-Earth practical steps.  When you understand who you are and how you operate, you can begin taking actions and making choices that bring you into balance and alignment with yourself so you can truly live your life on your soul’s purpose.

This is a profound opportunity to gain consciousness of your soul’s strengths, gifts, and purpose so you can bring that more fully into your everyday life and living.

Ready to get started?  Your Soul Blueprint is only


for priceless insight, understanding, and the keys to your greatest joy, abundance, and true personal freedom.

Things Clients Say…


“Learning about my Divine origins has armed me with the confidence that I can still achieve some of my crazy dreams, no matter how dark things seem to be getting on this planet.” S.S.


“I have a better understanding of who I am, helps clear the air to understanding the process of how we work spiritually and in human form. ” R.H.


“I most importantly realized that it is on my soul blueprint to work in certain way, and that is not a problem or issue as I always thought but just a characteristic that I can use in positive way and for my benefit.” V.S.

Step into your soul’s unique personal power and create the life you truly desire!