I don’t know what I’m writing yet.  High self and soul are guiding this process.  Writing from my own soul is a new experience for me.  Yet, I am aware that this is ultimately what I have been attempting for many years, yet it would get all tangled up in the net of my human self’s conditioning, programming, and even in the dysfunctional aspects of my soul’s expression.  Then there was this pesky little conditioning that I took on, in some ways quite consciously, to only receive information and guidance directly from Creator.  I’ve since come to understand that Creator is not meant to be the one and only source of support for our incarnations.  To do so leaves far too much room for the abdication of responsibility and little room to use free will.  For if all we ever did was ask Creator “what am I supposed to do”, and always got a very direct, distinct answer, there would be no room for free will.

When our souls sparked off from Creator’s Source, we individuated to have experiences.  There are many theories around this, and I don’t understand the mechanics of it really, but I can speak from what I have learned and experienced myself.  As I move through this life and the ascension we have been in collectively, the more I experience that I have choice.  I have Free Will.  Creator does not infringe on that.  I can “download” anything…Creator will allow me to do so, though at times I may get a pause to assess if I really want it.  So, if Creator has no hard and fast agenda for any of us, then what?  To me, that means we have choice.  With that choice comes personal authority and power over our own lives and experiences which leads us to what just about every one of us has done at some point…avoid responsibility.

We have this conditioning around responsibility that really dampens the experiences of life for many.  How this might show up and play out depends on how your soul is designed to function and express itself.  We are taught what our families and society thinks responsibility is – and in this third plane existence and societal structure, we would be wise to pay attention.  Yet that does not mean to blindly comply.  What is also wise is to understand how personal authority, power, and responsibility apply to us as individuals.  And not just our human selves, but as souls.  Our souls consistently attempt to express through our human aspects.  If we either completely lack a conscious understanding of who we are at soul level, or have a misunderstanding, how can we actually step into that personal authority, power, responsibility, and Free Will that Creator refuses to infringe upon?

I have spent the last few years thinking I had an understanding I didn’t.  I also realized that “resonance” was an issue at times.  If we all truly had understanding of who we are at soul level, how we operate, and knew how to express that through our human lives in the best ways – the world would look very, very different.  When I first got information about my Soul Blueprint, I did resonate with some of it while other parts were a mystery and didn’t resonate at all.  Apparently, this is quite common!  Again, if we all had conscious awareness, we would be living the lives of our dreams all the time.

It became clear in 2019 that it would be beneficial for me to learn about Soul Blueprints, so I did.  Part of that clarity came from the desire to understand myself better – and with accuracy.  I had learned that I am part of the Blueprinter Soul Group, which has several subgroups.  I wanted to understand myself better, and for that, I need context.  So, what is one to do?  Go on a search for information of course!  Lo and behold…I did find a website that actually speaks of Blueprinters.  By the way, I had been specifically told NOT to go looking.  The reason being that for many soul groups there is so much information out there it’s mind-boggling.  Some is true, some isn’t, and some will apply to only some of the group.  However, Blueprinters aren’t a group that has a lot of information out there.

Yet, I found some information.  I “resonated” as a Blueprint Originator, which I was bold enough to speak aloud.  It resonated as true, so it must be, right?!  Come to find out, no.  When I really started studying Soul Blueprints, I realized quickly the mistake I had made.  Yet something still felt true about the initial resonance of truth.

So here’s what I learned about “resonance” in the context of “feeling truth”.  Don’t take it at face value.  Sit with it a while.  Let yourself be open enough to know that there might be more to it than it appears at first.  It also might not be completely as you think it is.

Here’s how it went down for me.  I thought I was a Blueprint Originator based upon what I had read, and boy did it really resonate as truth.  Yet…my records actually classify me as a Blueprint Changer, which I prefer to call a Blueprint Adapter.  The two specialties of the Blueprinter group actually do have some overlap according to the Hall of Records.  What I actually found when I started investigating this further was that rather than being super distinct and segregated, the Blueprinters often spend time in several specialties.  This helps them have greater understanding of each of the roles when incarnating with that specialty, and supports Free Will in their choosing which specialties they prefer.  So it is quite possible, and even likely as far as I understand at the moment, for Blueprinters to have the energies of multiple specialties.  The most dominant energy is what will show up in a reading, depending on how the questions are asked.  When I asked if I have Blueprint Originator energy, I got a yes.  So that tells me I have had at least a little experience in that role, even if I never incarnated in physicality from that perspective.  My specialty, hands down, is that of the Adapter, or as I originally learned it termed, Changer.

After sitting with this for some time, and letting the energies and understandings filter through to the conscious mind, I get it.  Now it makes sense.  Of course, there are indeed many energies that make up our Soul Blueprint and Profile.  We have many energies at play, we have skills we have gained, and we have things we choose to explore.  It has become quite clear to me that my soul is inherently set up to make changes in human consciousness.  Many of us are.  Does that make you a Blueprinter?  Not necessarily.  Yet you may be!  I am really enjoying using the Hall of Records to read Soul Blueprints.  Often, I’m finding that some aspects “resonate as true” while others don’t – and now I realize this is a GOOD thing.  Again…if we knew the full scope of our soul’s make up and knew how to use it, our lives would be greater than great.

If you would like to learn more, feel free to visit www.awakentheinnerlight.com.  You can order your own Soul Blueprint reading, which is tailored specifically to you, for you.

A reminder:  when something you read or hear “resonates as true”, give it some space.  There is definitely truth for you in it, it just may not be all of it.  On the flip side, when something doesn’t resonate, it doesn’t mean there’s no truth. It just may take some time for that truth to be recognized.