thetahealing, optimism, feeling work

Do you know what true optimism feels like? True Happiness? If you would like them, say yes as you look at this picture to receive the download!

Feelings created from and through the All That Is make a huge difference in how we experience the world and ourselves.   Sometimes people may have never experienced a particular feeling in this life.  Sometimes what we think something is supposed to feel like may be inaccurate according to the Highest Truth.  

When we connect to the All That Is and download feelings from Creator, it gives us an accurate feeling foundation to build on.  Our cells have receptors that are programmed by our environment, receiving messages, nutrients, hormones and emotions.   As is well portrayed in What The Bleep Do We Know, our cells learn what to expect and make more receptors for what is most expected.  Feeling work can change these receptors instantaneously. 

Using feeling work, it is possible to teach the cells how to live with our without certain feelings.  The more feelings we download and clarify from Creator, the stronger Divine connection becomes, the greater intuitive abilities are, and the more that feeling can be recognized out in the world. 

I personally believe this is the part of the Law of Attraction that many struggle with.   If we are to feel it to manifest it, we need to know what it feels like!   Otherwise it’s just a guessing game and going through a lot of unnecessary trial and error. 

The more you bring in feelings that are wanted, and learn to live without hurtful emotions, the better your experience of life can be.  Emotions like anger, resentment, bitterness, and even the sense of lack can fade.  This allows us to access and utilize much more energy and increases the sense of abundance in what we want.  Healing happens faster, connection with Divine deepens, and a sense of well-being and wholeness grows.

Experiencing feelings and emotions brought in from Creator’s Truth and Perspective allow you to experience the truth of what it feels like.  As you do this for yourself, you move up the emotional scale quickly and emit new frequencies.  Your new frequencies and way of being in the world changes, thus the way you experience the world changes. 

Reclaim the truth of what feelings and emotions actually feel like from Creator’s perspective.  It can, and will, change your life.