Quantum Excavation

Level Up Your Vibration

Get Into Alignment

Reclaim The Truth Of Who You Are

12 Weeks To Your Next Level

If you are here, I know that you are deeply invested in your own purpose, growth, and evolution.


You’re here because you want the core of who you really are to shine bright and to live that truth in your daily life.

You’re done playing in the shallows and skating on the surface.

You have a deep desire to more consistently experience what’s real and soulful.

You’re done running in circles, beating the bushes to find what you’re looking for – and not quite finding it.

You’re ready to feel clear, strong, whole and congruent in who you really are

  Quantum Excavation Intention:

Release old patterns, beliefs, systems, and energies dragging you down

Learn and express higher perspective, truth, and vibration

Gain greater self-acceptance and understanding

Find out new ways of being (and doing) that work for you

Discover greater ease and grace in your growth and evolution

This is the inner work.

Raise your hand if

You’ve heard about raising your vibration, but you don’t know how to, or how to maintain it

You’ve heard of the importance of changing the subconscious mind, but you don’t know how to

You’re an empath and you feel all the *stuff* going on around you

You have to work really hard to separate your energy from others

If this is you…I get it. Been there, bought and wore the crap out of that t-shirt.

Every Empath Needs To Know…

You have free will to accept or decline  thought forms and energies.

 Quantum Excavation Is About

~ Ditching the conditioning that keeps you from living your highest truth freely

~ Digging in to the depths of your being to discover

and reclaim your deepest gifts and self-expression

~ Instilling higher vibrational frequencies and practicing them

 So You Can Access

~ Increased spiritual connection and intuition / psychic senses

~Increased sense of self-love, self-appreciation, self-esteem & confidence

~Increased clarity of your soul’s choices, desires, and path

~Improved sense of well-being of body – mind – spirit

~Improved creativity and problem solving

~Increased “bandwidth” to manage and harmonize various areas of daily life

~Improvement in relationships with self and others

~Increased sense of personal power in your own life

Your Investment

$1500 USD

(or 3 payments of $520)


It begins with a call via Zoom or Phone


Quantum Excavation

Level Up Your Vibration

Get Into Alignment

Reclaim The Truth Of Who You Are

12 Weeks To Your Next Level

Are you ready to release the bullsh*t that keeps you separate from your highest truth?

If you desire some radical changes in your life, it is vital to step out of the falseness and into the truth.

You’ve got to be able to call bullsh*t on yourself (at least some of the time).

You need to gain the perspective of who you are becoming and learn to hold that vibration.

Beliefs, Programmes, Conditioning, and more need to shift, whether slightly or radically.

Did you know that when your non-physical uplevels, your body may not recognize your soul’s vibration?

Yep, it can happen.

When it does, the conditioned body doesn’t know how to hold or express the higher vibration!

So, when it seems like the body is rebelling or is being left behind…

we teach the body how to recognize the soul’s vibration, how to hold and express it.

This Is The Inner Work

…and it’s not for the faint of heart or those who prefer to avoid their”stuff”

Unless and until you take full responsibility for your vibration and attraction points as they are now

…you’re going to keep circling the drain of having the same kinds of experiences.

It is important to know…

That once you get outside of the conditioning, the programmes, the old stuff, the collective stuff…you can look back at it in non-judgment.

It’s your Divine Birthright to access and live from your soul.

We teach all aspects of you that it’s safe to be and live daily life in the new vibration.

We teach all aspects of you what true safey and security feel like, which helps the body acclimate.

Your journey is your own.

I am here to assist, see the blind spots, go beyond the blocks, and facilitate the energetic shifts and changes.

It’s up to you to be honest, raw, and real with yourself and practice the new vibration.

12 Weeks of working together, closely.

To learn and be supported in your next level you.

To release the sh*t that holds you back

and quantum leap into your next level you

Sound Like You’re Ready?

I invite you to a call with me.

We meet via Zoom or phone to see if Quantum Excavation is a good fit,

both for you and for me.


Here’s What You Get

In Quantum Excavation


6 ThetaHealing®/Intuitive/Energy Sessions

6 90-minute sessions packed full of energy work, self-discovery, unraveling of mysteries, and healing at quantum levels.

6 Coaching/Mentoring Calls

6 30-minute coaching/mentoring calls between the energy sessions.  If needed, mini-sessions of energy work can take place here as well.


Support, Coaching, Mentoring Messaging

Between sessions and calls, you receive follow-up messages and check-ins.   

Recorded Medtitations

2 pre-recorded meditations to help you keep yourself cleared off of the gunk and keep you filled up with your own soul’s energy.

All Private, One-On-One.

 Not just highly personalized…totally personalized to you.

Quantum Excavation helps you quantum leap into your next level

Sacred Self, and deeper into your Sacred Life


By holding powerful sacred space for you

By gently guiding you through the energies, clearing away that which no longer serves, bringing in that which supports your next level, and amplifying what is working.

By digging way beyond the vague ideas of "ascension" and "evolution" and teaching all the aspects of Self what that actually means, from Creator's Perspective.

By grounding the next level energies through all of your being so you can actually experience your next level Sacred Self expressed.

By getting the inner aspects of self on the same page - and teaching your body that it's safe for these changes so it allows them to translate from non-physical into your physical reality.

Ultimately what happens in Quantum Excavation is that we de-mystify the mysteries of you.  You’ll integrate aspects of self as they grow, shift and heal.  You will come into greater alignment and relationship with yourself.

Your Investment

$1500 USD

(or 3 payments of $520)

Let’s meet via Zoom or phone to see if Quantum Excavation is a good fit.


Treat your future self as another person…that you like.

~ Linda Cartwright

While working with Katie during a Theta Healing session, I felt completely safe and comfortable. I explain to her what situation that I want help with. Then using her unique skills for questioning and gift of connecting the dots, we dive in! Through the answers I give, she helps me to reveal what is at the core of my beliefs. Free of judgment, I always feel supported and guided through the dark until the light is revealed. Since inner work is sometimes uncomfortable, it is nice to have her with me as I walk thorough my fire. I emerge shiny and new with her by my side! I always feel so nurtured and unconditionally loved through the experience. I learn things about myself each session. It is like peeling layers of an onion. I highly recommend her work to anyone having challenges in their lives and want to do the inner work to transform and change. It is amazing what she can accomplish remotely over the phone while connecting with you!

Jill B. ~ Arizona, U.S.


What I love most about Theta Healing sessions with Katie is that I start seeing results almost immediately – so her work is very powerful, and yet Katie’s approach is so nurturing and gentle! I always feel super comfortable, and comforted, in sessions with her. This is something that truly sets her apart; she creates a safe and nurturing space for the client to dive deep. After my last session with Katie I saw examples of my new beliefs in action within hours! People began respecting my boundaries after a lifetime of struggle with this… Thank you, Katie, for being the superstar Theta Healer that you are!

Casey Campbell ~ Canada


Katie is a wonderful healer. We’ve worked together on many issues that I felt too nervous to work on before, but she put me at ease and was very understanding and non judgmental, which really helped me open up further and as a result, I had an excellent healing. I’ve also found her very patient. She has a lovely healing energy and I know I am in good hands when I’m working with her. I would definitely recommend Katie and I’ll continue to work with her in future, not only because she is a fantastic healer, but also because she has become a valued friend.

Kelly M. ~ Scotland


Congratulations on your new office!! I love this next step for you.  And to anyone seeking to work with you, I highly recommend scheduling at LEAST one session with you.  The benefits that I have received from working with you can’t be put into words or monetary value.  I love the depth that we can go that does not feel invasive and is not exhausting as we do the inner work.  Anyone who chooses to work with you Katie would be truly blessed.

Pamela M. ~ Virginia, U.S.


I’m Katie Kieffer.

I’ve been intuitive all my life, like many have.  I also spent 35 years of my life having no idea what was really going on – or how to change it.  Then the ThetaHealing® technique found me and I learned how to actually make real changes that last.  I walked the  journey for myself, and still am.  Each new level requires learning, growing, evolving, and…letting go.  Damn.  Sometimes it’s hard, like bathing a cat.   I’ve walked through the mud and the muck.  I’ve risen from the ashes of emotional and psychological hellfire.  Each time I do, I feel better.  I have a new, higher perspective of myself and the world.  Each time I come out the other side, there is new self-appreciation, self-love, and a whole lot less judgement and criticism – for myself and others.  I started this work for me, and now I’m here to help you.

Ready to Uplevel Your Vibration?

Ready For Greater Alignment?

Ready To Reclaim The Truth Of Who You Are? 

I invite you to a call with me.

We meet via Zoom or phone to see if Quantum Excavation is a good fit,

both for you and for me.

“Allow yourself to be Divinely disruptive.
Learn the freedom of being your Sacred Self”

~Coffee with the Angels II

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