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Energy healing for the wholeness of who you are.

Energy Healing & Clearing

Release the past, heal the present, and bring your Divine Design to your everyday life.


Your soul carries the energy of all your choices and experiences from lifetime to lifetime.  We all carry baggage from past choices, misperceptions, negative interactions, trauma, programming, conditioning, and more.  We carry the karma and weight of many lifetimes, which often gets compounded in this current life.  It can be easy to “double down” on patterns that keep you stuck, inibit your abundance, and ultimately frustrate you.  Breaking out of those patterns can be done, and new, healthier, happier patterns can be created.

Energy healing and clearing work, using the information from your soul’s Akashic Record provides clear, concise, and profound healing so you can get unstuck and move forward with greater grace and ease.


This is the inner work.

***Discover Your Divine Design Reading is a prerequisite for these offerings***

Soul-Level Realignment

Soul-level realignment releases soul-level energies that are at the root of problematic recurring patterns you’re experiencing currently and realign you to your Divine design.

֍ Gain greater access to your soul-level gifts and purpose

֍ Seal and heal energy drains

֍ Clarify intuition

֍ Declutter your energetic fields

֍ Clear and change karma and karmic patterns

֍ Remove other entities that may be interfering with you

֍ Release soul-level contracts and other agreements that have either completed or no longer serve you

and MUCH more…

You have the opportunity to claim responsibility for your contributions to your current life experiences, step fully into your power, release the past and make new choices that create a different present and future.


**Includes your scheduled session up to two hours, appx. two hours preparation time before your session, energy healing/clearing work, and a recording of your session.  Recording is optional.


Energy Pattern Clearing

Clears and heals energy patterns from multiple dimensions of your being.  The energy of your body is what manifests your physical reality!  This is the session that addresses energy patterns stuck in the body, as well as at the mental and soul levels.

֍ Recalibrate your nervous system to reduce unwanted, unnecessary fight-flight-freeze responses.

֍ Discover chakra imbalances and return to balance.

֍ Get off the “monkey mind” hamster wheel.

֍ Remove energies that are literally draining your body’s energy.

֍ Release genetic karma and ancestral vows.

֍ Increase the flow of vital force energy and inspiration to support you in your dreams, desires, and creations.

and more…

Clear the energies stuck in the soul, mind, and body that make taking Divinely inspired action difficult…or even impossible.  Discover the Divine Flow of your own intentions and creations without the baggage of the past.



**Includes your scheduled session up to two hours, appx. two hours preparation time before your session, energy healing/clearing work, and a recording of your session.  Recording is optional.

Life Situation Reading

It’s inevitable that as you evolve and raise your vibration, there are things that may “blow up” in your life.  Sinus issues that just won’t seem to go away.  Drama of some sort erupts with the kids, spouse, pets, parents, or friends.  Sudden home repairs pop up, vehicle issues, job/career issues…and the list can go on and on.  A life situation reading can help you understand—and clear—energetic patterns within you that contribute to these kinds of issues.  Instead of being hijacked by these life situations, you can navigate them with grace and maybe even have serendipitous resolutions!



**Includes your scheduled session up to 1.5 hours, appx. 1.5  hours preparation time before your session, energy healing/clearing work, and a recording of your session.  Recording is optional.

Spirit Guide Reading

Get to know your spirit guide team!  Your spirit guides are an amazing source of your intuition.  They care about you deeply and aim to guide you towards your desires—even when your desires are incongruent to your truest Divine Self-expression.  They are there to assist and guide you, no matter what.

You’ll learn:

֍ What their Divine gifts and talents are

֍ How they “impulse” you to get your attention

֍ What each member helps you with

֍ Possibly names and appearances—this is solely as they choose to share

֍ Get a message from each guide—if they have one for you

Clarify and deepen your understanding of you Spirit Guide team…including your angels!  Knowing your team clears confusion as to “who” you are receiving messages from, giving you discernment, power, and confidence in your intuition.


**Includes your scheduled session up to 1.5 hours, appx. 1.5  hours preparation time before your session, and a recording of your session.  Recording is optional.

Some of my client’s results…

“I now speak out easily and clearly my boundaries, without fear, anger, or frustration, thus my boundaries are respected by everyone without question or conflict. That is amazing! This works well in my life, both for my profession and my personal life. I also see much clearer my professional – entrepreneurial plans for the future. I have a clear plan and understanding on how and on what I want to work (with, for, at). In the past, I was quite desperate and I would attract tons of information on different specialties, ways of promotion, businesses etc. and I couldn’t make up my mind on what to focus on. Now, being loose and all over the place is a far distant memory. I rebuilt my website, I attracted 2 very well-paying clients and I see that my business dreams are starting to get fulfilled.” ~ V.S.

“Since our work it has been a 180 for me health wise that I don’t have to worry about my job anymore. My health was so bad it was affecting my work and I was worried. I now have the energy to do things and I don’t sleep 12-15 hours a day any more.”  ~ R.H.

“I care less about what other people may think or say about me. I stand up for myself and call people out on their BS a lot more. I am stepping out of the spiritual closet. I am not shying away from uncomfortable conversations. People tell me I am glowing. I am more committed to my blog and am producing writing that really excites me. I have become a bit more ruthless about cutting toxic people, things, and situations out of my life. I trust my intuition and live by it much more.  The synchronicities and everyday magic and miracles are off the charts!”  ~ S.

“I thought I’d let you know, the work we did the other has be phenomenal. This morning I just received a job for $2,200!  So I think we’re definitely on to something large here😁”  ~ J.T.

“When you did that reading and healing it really helped me with my business.  I‘ve been getting a lot more good clients, parties and readings, without added effort.”  ~ P.T.

This Is The Inner Work

…and it’s not for the faint of heart or those who prefer to avoid their”stuff”

 Unless and until you take full responsibility for your past choices, perceptions, and karma and making changes…

…you’re going to keep circling the drain of having the same kinds of experiences. 

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” ~ attributed to Henry Ford

A Word About Karma…

Karma is also known as the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  It really is that simple.  However, what generates karma isn’t what would be morally judged as “right” or “wrong”, “good” or “bad”.  At the soul-level, it’s about what is congruent and incongruent to your Original Divine Soul Blueprint.  Furthermore, your soul can take on a perception of karma that isn’t accurate.  For instance, a soul can take on a perception of karma from an instance in which accidental harm was caused, or even if the harm was caused to them yet they believe they are responsible for it.  This would be recorded in your soul’s record as an “unjustified karma”, because it’s a misperception.  The misperception still needs to be in such a way that the soul believes it has acted against the Original Divine Soul Blueprint to show up as a negative unjustified karma.

Positive karma is generated when actions are taken and energies are upheld that are congruent to your Original Divine Soul Blueprint.  You don’t have to live with negative karma and just “accept your consequences”…you can actively make changes that generate positive karma and change the pattern.  Energy work can help clear the way to make taking positive action easier, however, to truly shift the karma, the actions are still necessary.

What is most beautiful about karma, your cause and effect, is that your results speak quite loudly of where you’ve been operating.  Operating from a weight of “negative” karma yields a whole lot of nothing, and maybe some “out of the pan and into the fire” moments.  Operating from the foundation of “positive” karma yields the experience of things working out really well.  And when you’re shifing from negative to positive…things may not always be delightful, but they get better and better as you make more “positive” choices.  Remember…when talking about karma…it’s about what is congruent or incongruent to your Original Soul Blueprint, how you are orignially designed.  What might generate a positive karma for you may generate a negative karma for someone else and vice-versa.

It is important to know…

That once you get outside of the karma, conditioning, the programs, the old stuff, the collective stuff…you can look back at it in non-judgment and without it triggering your or running your life.

It’s your Divine Birthright to access and live from your soul.

Your journey is your own, no one is living it but you.

I am here to assist, see the blind spots, go beyond the blocks, and facilitate the energetic shifts and changes.

It’s up to you to be honest, raw, and real with yourself and practice the new vibration.

Treat your future self as another person…that you like.

~ Linda Cartwright

Taking care of your future self begins today…

It’s in what you choose to think

What you choose to eat

Whether you move your body or not

Who you spend your time with

What you choose to focus on
(or allow yourself to be hijacked by)

Your future self gets to contend with whatever you choose now.

Treating your future self as someone you like…or better yet…love…begins with taking care of yourself now, to the best of your ability.

Make yourself a priority…

Your future self will thank you.

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