Embrace Your Divine Design

Everything you need to understand your soul’s purpose, divine genius, how to manifest effectively, and put your divinity into action.

I am SO glad you are called to find out more about Embrace Your Divine Design!


…because…DRUMROLL…your soul is SO READY to be fully, divinely expressed and experienced!


This is an activation of your divine design.  A powerful needle-mover for truly living the life you want to live and the impact you have on the world…from your SOUL.


And it STARTS with you.  Right now. No exceptions.

In fact, the entire Universe is conspiring in your favor to get you out of your own way so you can be your truest self and do your divine genius so exquisitely that the only possible result is that you finally create the life you want to live, make the impact on the world you desire to make, heal from the deepest wounds, and shine your light ever more brightly.

 This is everything you need to put your divine design into action, create the life you desire, and bring your divine gifts into the world powerfully.

Ask yourself these questions:  Am I ready to

»  Change my perception of myself and what I am here to do?

»  Embrace the truth of who I really am?

»  Live my soul’s unique wisdom and purpose?

»  Raise my vibration at every dimensional level?

»  Get real-world results better, faster, and more easily than ever before?


Embrace Your Divine Design is the sacred space where you learn how to create your own miracles and birth your soul’s essence into the world.  You become the architect of your own circumstances and your life becomes the lived embodiment of your unique divinity.

Here’s the deal:

I have set aside a few hours each month for those who are doing deep transformational work to help them get real-world, grounded results better, faster, and easier than ever before.  This goes beyond thinking and feeling better…it’s about experiencing those inner changes being evident through your outer world shifting to match your inner world.


If you’re SO DONE grasping at straws trying to figure out your soul’s true purpose, desires, and divine gifts…


your divine design will bring you clarity.

If you feel like manifesting accurately and effectively is like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks…


we will partner together and use your divine design to create your personalized roadmap of manifesting.

Do you feel like you’ve reached the edge of your skills and knowledge and that what you’ve done so well before just isn’t working anymore?


you will learn to harness your divine design to move the needle to your next level and make the shift you envision.

The perfect person for this program has a deep desire to make serious, positive changes in their own life (and thus, the world) and just hasn’t been able to flip the switch to reach their next level.  You’ve already invested a lot in inner healing, mindset, and manifesting methods with other healers, mentors, and coaches that unfortunately, didn’t get to the root issues that allowed you to fully flip the switch. 

What if you knew what those root issues were and finally flipped that switch? 

What would that be worth to you?

Your soul already knows what it wants and how to get there.

You just haven’t reached the root issues that block the way or allowed yourself to fully step onto your soul’s path.  If there is any part of you that you’re denying…you’ll block your next-level healing, growth, and evolution.  To reach that next level, you’ll need to look at things you (or your previous mentors and healers) never even thought of.  Reaching your next level requires courage, self-compassion, and self-kindness.

I’m going to walk with you through my process of all things healing, raising consciousness, self-evolution, and personal growth so you can write your own playbook according to YOUR divine design.

Together, we will clear, create, and transform everything you need to bring you and your life into alignment with your divine design so you can flip the switch and embody your next-level self, life, and living.

You’ll also walk away knowing how to:


Listen to and interpret your “soul guidance.”

Coach your brain to get out of your own way.

Recognize the difference between survival instincts kicking in and true intuition.

(YES…even amazingly intuitive people can get hijacked by survival instincts masquerading as intuition!)

Take action that is aligned to your unique soul’s desires.

(Which is WAY more effective than the alternative!)

BONUS: A printable Divine Design Report you can refer to at any time!

And SO much more.


Any of the above can EASILY and SIGNIFICANTLY increase the abundance of peace, joy, health, well-being, loving relationships, and even wealth that you experience.

But…what I am most excited about is showing you your divine design and teaching you how to harness your soul’s immense power to create the life experiences you desire, bust through the blocks that keep you stuck, raise your vibration, and step into your next-level self with confidence and ease.

How Does All This Work?


It starts with your BONUS printable Divine Design Report

Before your first session, you will receive your printable Divine Design Report.  At your first session, we will go over it and I’ll answer your questions.  We also do a basic soul-level realignment.

A full YEAR of monthly personal, 1:1 sessions with me

Personalized mentoring, intuitive readings, and energy healing and clearing to get you out of your own way, shift your mindset, clear blocks and restrictions at multidimensional levels, and deep subconscious belief and feeling work.

Monthly Masterclass

Learn more about Universal Law, how to align to your unique design, how to align to your soul’s desires, and so much more!  Masterclasses are based on the general current needs of members of Embrace Your Divine Design and are held as a group class.


Monthly Q&A

Once a month we will get on a group call and I’ll answer as many questions as possible.  Can’t make it?  No worries!  Write in questions are answered on the call.

Lifetime access to the Facebook group

Lifetime access to my private Facebook group, Your Divinity In Action for added support and community.  Share wins, ask questions, and get additional support from me and other members of Embrace Your Divine Design.

Membership Space

A private membership space that includes everything you need for your full participation.