Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow, in the midst of the eclipse corridor and Lion’s Gate portal. 

Yes,  it has been intense and there are no signs of it slowing down.  The ascension process is quickening, and some say the split between the 3rd and 5th dimensional Earths is at hand.  What this means, I have no idea.  Personally, I don’t see a “physical” split happening.   I have no clue what any of this is going to look like.  I just know I am experiencing shifts and changes at a rapid rate and see the same in others.

Seriously, I really don’t understand the nuances and details of astrology.  It matters though, everything matters.  Everything has its own importance.  Why do so many people dread events like Mercury Retrograde?  The more this is understood, the more we can shift the experience of this regular event. 

Disclaimer:  I usually thrive during Merc Rx.  My personal experiences of these time periods are usually good, though sometimes it does kick my butt.  This time seems like it’s going to be a wild ride, and has already begun. Just getting this posted has been quite interesting! LOL

During the writing of this, websites and articles have been consulted for deeper, (yet general) information.  My brain hurts.  So, going with the bits read that resonate, paired with intuition….

Mercury, Mentality & Healing

If Mercury symbolizes mentality, the mental aspects and intellect, and is the messenger these are aspects to pay attention to.   This particular Merc Rx is in such an intense time already bringing forward the shadow aspects of Self, in a massive time of change and influence, that we must pay attention to our mentality, and the shadow aspects of it.

Mentality is, by definition, a mode or way of thought, the outlook one has.  Over the next three weeks, we will be

called to really look at our shadows and shift our way of thinking – about everything. 

First of all, those who dread Mercury Retrograde and expect life to fall apart….. well…..they get that self-fulfilling prophesy just as they ordered.  It was ordered by the mentality with which Mercury Retrograde is perceived and believed to be.  Mentality that it sucks = it sucks.  Mentality that it’s an interesting time = it’s an interesting time.

Mercury is also a healer, which deepens the importance of these next few weeks.  Whatever comes up – it’s asking for healing.  We can move into inner healing with whatever comes to the surface, and we can deepen and expand healing we’ve already begun.  We may spiral around and re-visit things we’ve already done healing work on (and maybe thought we were finished with), and we’ll see it with new depth and perspective. 

So, try on a new attitude and mind-set about Mercury Retrograde, and do the inner healing work.  What if those suckish moments are really just shadow aspects announcing themselves, asking for healing, a new mentality, attitude and belief?   What if we all were to approach life in general with a sense of curiosity and wonder, without some pre-set expectation of what something is “supposed” to be or look like?

We are clearing away a lot of mass consciousness beliefs – and galactic beliefs too.  Many of these show up in the form of “supposed to be” thoughts, ideas and expectations. 

Observe & Choose

Take a step back and move into observer mode. From this objective space, it is easier to see what’s going on below the surface, and to choose how you move forward.  What were your thoughts?  What mentality do you have around that thing that just set off your “this sucks!” meter?   Every time something sets off the inner alarm system, frustration rises to the surface,  technology just won’t play nice, communication seems to break down, use it to your advantage.  It is an opportunity to change your thoughts and beliefs – your mentality – to a higher vibration.

 Take a moment and disconnect from the issue, or perceived issue, at hand.  Step back, take a deep breath, connect to the Greater Divine All That Is, and ask “Show me what’s really going on here, and how to best navigate this situation”.   Asking to see the Highest Truth and for yours to be the same is helpful, and often completely shifts the situation. 

This is also true for the wonderful things happening in your life.  Same process, just instead of making changes for the opposite effect, you want to expand and deepen the awesomeness. 

Seriously.  The more you can align your mind, your beliefs, your self with the All That Is, the more space you have to enjoy all the experiences of this life – even those totally suckish moments.   The more you align, the deeper and more expansive you can make those wonderful things that are going beautifully, and this enables you to share it with others more easily. 

Whatever these next few weeks (and months) bring forth, may you get the best of it and enjoy the ride!


Katie is passionate about self-healing, self-acceptance and personal development.  Using the ThetaHealing® technique as the foundation of her healing practice, she helps others on their spiritual journey toward higher self-expression, healing, wholeness and self-acceptance.