The Energy of Feelings

Ever feel like something's missing, but you don't know what?

Do you know what Joy feels like?  What Purposefulness feels like?  What Love feels like?  Do you know what it feels like to live without shame, blame, misery, chronic fear, unworthiness?  Maybe you think you know, but something just feels “off” about it or you have some inexplicable, intangible idea of what something is supposed to feel like but don’t seem to be able to quite reach it in real experience?

Yeah, I Get It.

How many movies have you watched and thought “Oh, I want a love/confidence/relationship (or fill in the blank) like that!” or read a book that left you longing for some of those feelings and relationships in your own life?  Have you had relationships or experiences that look like what you’ve seen or read…but you aren’t feeling what the characters appeared to have felt, or it isn’t going according to the script? 

Um-hum, something just doesn’t line up.  Something’s missing.  Imagine the energy of feelings being like a radio signal.  In order to experience an energy, there must be a receiver, like a radio receiver with all the components working properly so you can clearly tune into a station and experience its content.  So you’ve got the radio, but no antenna or the antenna got broken somewhere along the line.  Maybe the tuner is out of whack and needs calibrated.  You might get a fuzzy signal, no signal at all, or the dial says you’re tuned into this station, but clearly you’re receiving a different station.  What if what’s missing is a clear, properly calibrated “receiver”?  What if it’s just been turned off for some reason?

Here’s the good news…the missing piece can be found.  The antenna of your “feeling radio” can be re-created, properly calibrated and fully powered with the energy and perspective of the All That Is/Creator/Source/Universe (insert your chosen name).  Feelings created, downloaded, and/or activated from and through the All That Is make a huge difference in how we experience the world and ourselves.   Sometimes people may have never experienced a particular feeling in this life.  Sometimes what we think something is supposed to feel like may be inaccurate according to the Highest Truth.

 Feeling work is truly one of the coolest things ever.  If you are like me, empathetic, clairsentient, and rooted deeply in feelings….you will love this.  Feeling work can help you gain discernment between your feelings and those that you’re picking up from others.  It can help you develop healthier boundaries that are recognized and honored by yourself and others.  It can help you quickly begin to experience what it feels like to be loved, respected, peaceful, joyful, gracious and so, so much more.  Feeling work goes even further though for we can also quickly learn what it feels like to live without feelings that we would like to release, such as chronic fear, misery, shame, and unworthiness. 

 If you’ve disconnected from your feelings for some reason, this work can help you reconnect to your own feelings from a Higher Perspective. 

In my experience, it is essential to get aligned with the Highest Truth in all ways including what feelings and emotions feel like from Creator’s perspective. 

The Angels Say…

“You are in a great time of expansion and evolution.  We have said before that emotional maturity is the next step in human evolution, and now we expand on that a little.  To grow and mature in emotions and the feeling body, all must be accepted, without judgement.  Allow yourself to feel and recognize your feelings and emotions without making them who you are – simply observe.  Who you are at your greatest, deepest levels is eternal.  Any fear, anger, depression, worthlessness, inferiority – those are all temporary.  You may take them with you through many lifetimes, yet they are still temporary.

   You must learn what light feelings and emotions truly feel like.  You are inundated with concepts of what happiness, love, joy and freedom are supposed to feel and look like.  These concepts head in the right direction most of the time, yet cannot even come close to teaching you what it actually feels like on a visceral level.  This is part of the magic – being open to feeling love, happiness, joy and more on the visceral level.  It is much quieter than you expect.  Your expectations have simply been hijacked by drama.

   As you heal and recalibrate your emotions and feeling body, your need to experience the extremes of emotion will cease.  You will have greater acceptance of the flow of human experience and emotion and get to truly enjoy your human life.”

~ An excerpt from Coffee with the Angels

An Important Note:

We never bring in any kind of unwanted, dense feelings – because then you’ll get to experience them. The goal with feeling work is to attune to lighter feelings from the perspective of the All That Is, the Highest Truth, and let go of chronic fear, anger, scarcity, resentment, shame, and more. 

The more you bring in feelings that are wanted, and learn to live without those that are hurtful, the better your experience of life can be.  Emotions like anger, resentment, bitterness, and even the sense of lack can fade.  This allows us to access and utilize much more energy and increases the sense of abundance in what we want.  Healing happens faster, connection with Divine deepens, and a sense of well-being and wholeness grows.


My Approach

Many say that feelings are the language of the soul, and I agree.  I also believe that feelings are how many people access truth in a world where sarcasm, propriety, indirectness, and even outright lies and deliberate misleading run rampant.  How you feel is simply information.  Feelings tell you whether you’re moving toward that which is healthy or unhealthy for you, whether you are in alignment with your soul or not, and what is going on around you energetically, and more.

I approach feeling (and belief) work with curiosity and non-judgement.  You feel how you feel!  I feel how I feel.  It just is in that moment, no “right”, no “wrong”.  Getting curious about why you feel a certain way opens the door for your soul and Divine to communicate with and guide you in your everyday human life.  I find that feelings are often layered upon one another, and beliefs/programmes are part of those layers as well.  Sifting through the layers helps you to identify beliefs, programmes, and feelings.  Identification of the feeling and also its source is helpful in deciding what to do moving forward.  Is it guidance?  Is it interference from something or someone else?  Is it just a programme that would be beneficial to change?

Once we have this information, then we can make appropriate changes, if any are necessary, so you can be in greater alignment with your Sacred Self (soul) and your Sacred Life – and you can enjoy the journey much more!

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