Are compassion, love and kindness really alive and well in humanity?  YES.  It isn’t really seen on the news, or in much of any big media outlets.  However, social media does help us to see that it is alive and well – and growing.



In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey in Texas, people of all types were helping one another, of all types.  Many carried animals on their shoulders, there was even wildlife rescue going on!  People came in with their boats and trucks to help others.  Donations have been made, and are still being made.  The compassion and love is shown excellently in this slideshow (tear-jerker alert)  Hurricane Harvey slideshow, & Rascal Flatts “I Won’t Let Go”


The question is… 

Will It Continue?

Will we continue to see and express kindness, love and compassion after the crisis passes? 

Is it something we have in our everyday, mundane lives?  A friend of mine wrote a fantastic article on this Hurricane Harvey: An Answer to Prayer? 

She speaks of what answered prayers look like, and it is rarely how we expect.  In my own experience, when I ask for something, even downloading the definitions, essence, consciousness of, perspective, understanding, etc., I am still given situations in which to practice.  When we ask for kindness, we are presented with opportunities to be kind, and also to recognize and receive kindness from others.   

The call has gone out and up for more love, kindness, compassion, generosity, unity, peace and harmony to come to the Earth and humanity.  Well, if we failed to recognize the opportunity to see it around us and practice in our daily lives when times are good…then what happens?  Disaster.  Kristine says it well:

“Whether 9/11, Katrina, Sandy or now Harvey, American hands reach out to help one another regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, gender preference or immigration status. When tragedy strikes, Americans act like what most of us want America to be — a place where we come together with a common sense of belonging, care for one another and have the social security of knowing that when we are in need, that same generous spirit will be extended to us.

Then the urgency fades, people get compassion fatigue, and pundits and blame-gamers re-dominate the news with stories about how this group or that group was the cause of the tragedy or should be excluded from compassion or assistance because of some moral equivocation. We all realize anew that our national unity is held together by the same fraying string it had been. Unity dissolves and the caring, compassionate majority opt-out of interaction because the noise of the division gets so loud.”  (read entire article here)

Tune Out The Noise

The noise tends to return.  There is soooo much noise….everywhere.   We quickly return to the old patterns, the criticism, complaining, blaming.  Opportunities to take the love, compassion and kindness experienced during disasters into everyday life have been too often left behind.  We have yet another opportunity to bring the lessons into everyday life, right now, at this moment.  In every moment.  Remember that we can be light, and have light thoughts doimiant and still be here on the planet.

So, what if we really pay attention to and look for the everyday kindness, compassion and love that is all around us?   What if we have true appreciation for what already exists and amplify that?

Some examples of kindness to recognize, whether you are giving, receiving or witnessing:

                Holding the door for someone

                Letting someone in on the highway

                Having a genuine smile

                Being present

                Being in a space of non-judgement / criticalness

                Consciously listening

                Helping someone to their car

                Giving someone a ride

                Sending prayers and love for another

                Acknowledging someone

                Saying “Thank You” & “You are welcome!”

                And so, so much more.

No matter how big and loud or quiet it is, whether for strangers, acquaintances, friends or family. Does it really matter more if it’s for a stranger?  The energy of kindness is the same regardless of who it is for*. What if a kindness you give is simply that you think that person who cut you off in the grocery store aisle or in traffic honestly didn’t see you?  Whether it’s just because they are highly focused on what they’re doing or just flat-out inconsiderate, what if that didn’t matter?  Truly, it isn’t personal at all, so what if you realized that and stopped taking things so personally?  What if you had compassion and kindness in that moment to hold a space of love for them, wishing them well?  

This is a way for us to access and practice everyday kindness, compassion and love.  Every bit of it counts, matters and adds to the growing collective bubble.  The only reason we think it’s not enough is because we’ve been taught false standards. 

Moving Forward

Now we have hurricane Irma headed for the east coast of the U.S., and fires ravaging the Pacific Northwest.   More crisis are taking place now and in the immediate future, and more assistance and help will be needed.   Often people feel that prayer isn’t enough, and I assure you it is.  No matter what your personal strengths and genius are, put them into practice as best you can, every day.  Whether it’s money, prayers, tools, your personal presence, whatever it is…it is enough.  You can also open the door for someone, or let someone in front of you in traffic.  Carry someone’s groceries for them, or simply wear a genuine smile.  It’s enough. It all adds to the energy of kindness, compassion and love that we want to see in the world.

Turn down the noise, and have good discernment on what is noise and what is truth (the news really does have both).  Compassion, love and kindness really are alive, well and growing in humanity.

*Understand and recognize the difference in energy between genuine kindness and obligation.  Sometimes we are “kind” because it’s what’s expected, and the energy of obligation is dominant.  If you find yourself in this, simply recognize it, and do the inner work to shift whatever the root of this is.  It’s ok, and you’re ok.  Awareness and self-healing is key.


Downloads Offered To Help You


 “Downloads” are simply thought forms offered to you.  It is your choice to receive them or not.  If you receive them and aren’t seeing improvement, there may be feeling or belief work needed before the new energy can be optimally expressed.