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Musings about the Universe, human-being-ness, the world and whatever I’m musing about. Thoughts and ideas that I’m still working through and pondering land here :-)

Cause & Effect vs. Causing An Effect – Universal Law

  Dr. Joe Dispenza, WOW.  This video is worth every. single. moment. Watch it.  Listen closely.  Old Newtonian: Cause and Effect:  Outside self effects inside self.  New Quantum: Causing an Effect  Inside self effects outside self.   ✨👉 This is the difference between being a casualty of a Universal Law and working with a Universal…

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Multi-Dimensional Living, Both/And Consciousness

Today’s morning Coffee with the Angels writing is asking to be shared, so here it is.  It has been becoming more clear to me recently that we are striving to live in multi-dimensional lives, and the Both/And Consciousness is a cornerstone of doing so.  Here on Earth, we still have the 3D world and most…

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Future Creates the Now ~ Musings

Last night, just before bed, I read two things that gained my full attention:  “Since every thought we think can be manifested, we might as well be clear and direct on what we want to happen in form”  &  “There are many books written on living in the now.  Yet physics teaches that what you…

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