Luminaries Program

A series of sessions with a few added perks
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6 Sessions, 90 Days

That's the commitment.

  • 6 Sessions
  • Unlimited text access to Katie
  • Session notes & recording - if you want them
  • "I Need Help NOW" mini sessions (limited to a maximum of 1 per month)

any of the following, as Creator shows Katie:

  • Mini-text-sessions between scheduled sessions
  • Personalized essential oil blends
  • Gem / mineral recommendations
  • Personalized meditations
All For
3 Installments of $322
That's only $42 more than two single sessions
Benefits Of Luminaries Membership

There is a comfort in knowing that you have your next session booked and that you can ask questions or get some help between sessions.   That is the biggest benefit of all.

Getting little gifts in the mail may be a wonderful perk, and that is determined by what I'm guided to do.  Sometimes the guidance is to send a gift, sometimes to make a recommendation, sometimes to give it a little time.  Gems have been sent to a client, and essential oil blends to others, each time as guided to do so.  I've done many mini-sessions via text, and created personalized meditations for clients and more - all at no additional cost.


It is a true joy to witness such wonders through
Unconditional Love, Kindness and Service.

 To Set Up Your Luminaries Program Online:

First, choose what you'd like to do:  have a chat first, pay in full, or pay in 3 installments.

Next, click the button that reflects your choice and you'll be taken through the process.

To chat first, you'll be taken to an online calendar to schedule your Cup O'.  Be sure to have a delicious beverage when you arrive to the appointment!

For both pay in full and installments, you'll be taken to a paypal link where you can make your payment or set up the installments.  Installments will be drafted automatically via paypal.   Then you'll be taken to the online calendar to schedule your first sessions.  You can schedule up to 1 month in advance, so go ahead and schedule your first 2 sessions!

You can also contact me using the online portal "contact" that pops up to ask questions, set up sessions and set up connection via phone (U.S. only for phone, all others by Zoom).

Wanna Chat First?

It makes perfect sense that you may want to know more before diving in.  So, book a Cup O' and let's have a chat.  Write down any questions you have.  I'm happy to answer questions!

Let's Chat First
Ready to Release, Reclaim, Restore?

Awesome!  Step on into your personal sanctuary of non-judgement, self-acceptance and embrace who you really are.   In this space mysteries are discovered and understanding expands.  You have a great opportunity to reclaim your birthrights, restore Divine Relationships in Unconditional Love, and receive the perspective, understanding and truth of Creator.  It is your Divine Birthright to do so!

Pay In Full$966, paid in full, now please
Installments$322 for 3 months please

Yes! Single Sessions Are Offered

It can be intimidating to step into a program like the Luminaries without experiencing the work, or the practitioner first.  You don’t have to.  Healing sessions are offered as single sessions too!  You can start the Luminaries program any time, after a single session, a string of single sessions, from the start – or not at all.  The Luminaries program is offered simply to be an option for those who feel called to it.

To book a single session, you can use the button below 🙂

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Awaken the Inner Light Katie Kieffer, DNA Activation, ThetaHealing, Healing

Katie Kieffer is a natural Intuitive, Empath, Psychic and a Certified Instructor in the ThetaHealing® technique .  She is passionate about understanding self, shifting subconscious beliefs, activating feelings from the perspective of the All That Is, getting higher perspective on herself and the world, and healing the fragmented self, bringing herself and her clients into greater wholeness and self-acceptance.