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Hi!  I'm so glad you are here!

To schedule a session, reading or clearing, use the services box on this page.

Select the service you want, and the online calendar will take you through the process.  It's quick, easy and done.

 After you complete the scheduling process, you will receive an email and reminders with the Zoom link.  There is also information to call in from a phone line.  Make sure you mark your calendar, write down your questions and have plenty of water at session time.

Looking forward to it!

Luminaries Program

The Luminaries Program is a series of healing sessions with extra perks.  That information deserves a page all unto itself 🙂


Go To Luminaries Programs Page

All sessions are via video.  Zoom is preferred, though Skype and Google Hangouts are options as well.   Zoom provides a recording feature, feel free to ask *at the beginning of your session* if you'd like it to be recorded.

By Scheduling A Service with Katie
You agree to and understand:
  • that readings and even healing resulting from them are in no way a replacement for professional medical or mental health attention
  • readings are intuitive, psychic, spiritual, are 100% confidential, held in sacred space
  • You may request the notes from, and/or a recording of your reading - recordings need to be requested at the beginning of the reading
  • that through spiritual means there may be shifts in the mental, emotional and physical realms as well as in the spiritual realm, and each session is uniquely individual meaning results and experiences vary
  • Katie’s purpose is to assist you from a spiritual perspective, which may include intuitive witnessing of Creator working in the spiritual fields, emotional fields, physical body, other lifetimes/places/spaces, on the soul, genetic imprints, and more
  • It is your choice to accept the shifts and changes, or to say “no”, and your verbal consent is required for release of energy and downloads
  • By booking a single or multiple readings, you understand all the above clearly and agree to accept full responsibility for your own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being