The moon will be at its peak fullness in about an hour, and the lunar eclipse will cast its shadow.   I don’t understand the details and nuances of astrology, I just know that it matters.  The influences of the cosmos are very real whether we understand the details or not.  There is something significant about this particular eclipse corridor, and what that is, I have no idea, though I’ve read several predictions.

What are your intentions and wishes this full moon?  My wishes and intentions are to step forward into greater fullness of soul-expression, trust in myself and the All That Is, and increased kindness and peace for humanity .    Once upon a time, that would have felt like a very tall order.  Now it just feels right.   

What is very clear to me about eclipses is that they have to do with the shadow side of self – both individually and collectively.  They are also indicators, and maybe even influencers, of change.  We have seen huge mass consciousness shadow exposures in the last year and a half or so, and changes on many scales and levels at increasing speed and intensity.    This can leave us feeling a bit off balance. 

Here is a meditation that will help you connect to the All That Is, clear away energetic clutter, help you relax and de-stress, AND bring more kindness, peace and love.  

This eclipse corridor is a magnificent time to utilize this meditation every day to keep yourself more balanced and in a better state of clarity – and to influence the world around you with more kindness, peace and love.    In*Joy!


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