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Do you know what Joy feels like?  What Forgiveness feels like?  What Love feels like?  Or do you have some inexplicable, intangible, confusing idea of what they’re supposed to feel like, but with no real experience of them, as I did?

Imagine the energy of feelings being like a radio signal.  In order to experience it, there must be a receiver, the radio.  Ok, so you’ve got the radio, but no antenna or the antenna got broken somewhere along the line.  Maybe the tuner is out of whack and needs calibrated.  You might get a fuzzy signal or no signal at all.

Before you can experience something you must first know what it feels like, be able to receive the signal.  People can spend a whole lifetime thinking they know what something feels like, but really not knowing at all or misunderstanding.   It’s easy to end up wandering, looking for a particular experience, a feeling, and test out all sorts of things.  We mimic what others are doing, what we read in books and see in movies.  Sometimes it fits.  Often it doesn’t.

It feels a bit like tuning into a radio station and getting a lot of static, with a few clear words here and there.  This happens because the receivers to match these feeling frequencies are either out of range, are weak or out of calibration.  Think of someone you know who has been down, feeling totally unloved.  It is clear to you that this person is well loved, you see all the people around them who love them, but they just can’t see it or feel it.   The “love waves” are flying all around them but their antenna is broken or missing, or the tuner is in need of calibration.  For this person to tune in to and fully receive the “love waves” that are already there, their antenna needs repaired and/or installed and activated and the tuner for the “love channel” calibrated.

This is done energetically, and calibrated, or clarified, to the perspective of the Creator Energy.  This takes us up and out of the density and duality so we can see and experience a higher frequency of love (to use this example).  After an activation, repair, and “tuner calibration”, it is time to experience this new frequency.   The experience can show up in a variety of ways, unique to each individual being.

A Little Story:

After doing some belief work to reclaim my “NO”, I had to do the feeling work.  The Awaken the Inner Lightbelief work was awesome, and the fear of saying no was gone.  But I still didn’t know how to use it properly, nor was it properly respected.  I didn’t know what any of that felt like.  I also did the same type of work with my “YES”, which is equally as important.  After activating, instilling and calibrating the feelings of my “yes” and “no” and having it respected, my whole world shifted.  There were fewer requests made of me to which I said “no”, and I got to say “YES” – and mean it – a whole lot more.  That felt amazing!  It is wonderful to be able to say “YES!” with my whole heart and without resentment.  It has even expanded to if it’s not a hell yes, then it’s no in more and more circumstances.  Invitations, purchases, events, anything that really takes time and energy continues to be refined to the doctrine of “Hell Yes!”  It all began with being able to recognize and receive my own YES and NO clearly.

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Creator/Source/ All That Is Perspective

The ability to activate feelings and feeling receivers is truly one of the coolest things ever.  If you are like me, empathetic, clairsentient, and rooted deeply in feelings….you will love this.

The key to understand in this work is that we aren’t just activating receivers and feelings from anywhere.

This is done through and by Creator / Source / the All That Is.

As a practitioner, I simply tune in and see what you need and ask Creator to do the activating, with the highest truth and perspective.

Imagine if you…

Know what it feels like to be in love, in the healthiest way

Know what Joy feels like as a normal, grounded, consistent vibration in your daily being

Know what Happiness feels like, without “floating away”

Know what it feels like to live without holding resentment and grudges

Know what it feels like to see and experience kindness out in the world every day

Know what it feels like to make a six-figure (or seven!) annual (or monthly!) salary

…All from the perspective of the All That Is, and that yours were the same.  Do you think it might shift how you experience life here on Earth?

Activation, Repair, Calibration

Awaken the Inner Light

Activating Receivers is simply turning on the energetic (and physical cellular) receivers.  Sometimes they are present, simply inactive.  Sometimes a client will need them instilled so then we do both instill and activate.

Repair is much like the broken antenna.  Something happened that “broke” the receiver.  So it picks up some of the signal, and uses a load of energy trying to tune in.  Also like a broken antenna, it can hurt you if you aren’t careful with it.  This is simply the defense mechanism in over-protection mode.  This is best described in broken-heart situations.  The first sign of hurt coming down the pike and it is dukes up and spikes out to protect the still-healing heart.   There is also a feeling present in these situations where the sense of wholeness is missing.   A little tender care with Creator’s perspective, understanding and compassion sets in healing at the deepest depths, facilitating wholeness and renewal.

Feeling Receiver Calibration is really good for things like “love hurts”, feeling foolish or childish when you’re really happy, and feeling “greedy” if you serve yourself dinner first.  When love is entangled with hurt, that’s what we get.  Feeling foolish when happy causes happiness to be rejected and pushed away.  It’s the tuner tuning into the wrong station, or the station isn’t what you expected or thought it would be.  The tuner needs to be re-taught the right frequency to pick up so love picks up love, joy picks up joy, kindness picks up kindness and so on.

Learning to Live Without

Activating the feeling of what it feels like to live without something is just as important as bringing in those feelings that are wanted.  If we don’t know how to live without something like fear, or drama, we’ll continue to invite it in and create it ourselves.  It’s like the radio where the channel changer is broken.  The knob moves, it indicates a different station, but the receiver is stuck on the station we’re trying to change away from.

Do you know what it feels like to live without compulsive anger, fear, conflict, frustration?  What about knowing what it feels like to live without compulsively saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”?  Does the thought of saying “no” put a pit in your stomach and a catch in your throat?  For me, that came from never having my “NO” respected and honored or knowing what it felt like.  Now, the thought of saying “no” just is.  It’s neutral most the time.

Activating the feelings of living without those that keep the nervous system cranked up, the hurtful, painful, frustrating and obligatory feelings is a huge part of raising your frequency and overall vibration.  When our tuner is stuck on the dense feelings, there isn’t much room for the lighter feelings.  Imagine your radio was programmed to most stations you were either indifferent to or outright disliked.  Now imagine living your life where those uncomfortable stations exist, but you are barely affected by them.  Your “feeling dial”  is highly calibrated to the highest truth, perspective and understanding of the awesome feelings and experiences you want, and you know how to tune right in.  Can you imagine that?!  It is a journey, one so worth taking.

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Supercharge Transformation & Alignment

I got to supercharge my transformation from a radio dial full of stations that made me want to climb the walls to alignment with stations that feel good, serene, joyful, determined, kind, connected and loved.   You can too.

It is a true pleasure and joy to share this work with others.  Tuning into feelings from Creator’s perspective, aligning with that vibration and taking that out into the world…the best adventure I’ve been on.

I invite you to join me.

Supercharge your transformation and alignment with your soul, your purpose, and the All That Is.  Tune in to what that feels like from Creator’s perspective.  A whole new world of experiences open for you when you do.

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Katie Kieffer is a natural Intuitive, Empath, Psychic and a Certified Instructor in the ThetaHealing® technique .  She is passionate about understanding self, shifting subconscious beliefs, activating feelings from the perspective of the All That Is, getting higher perspective on herself and the world, and healing the fragmented self, bringing herself and her clients into greater wholeness and self-acceptance. 

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