The Energy Work

Hi, I’m Katie Kieffer, and so glad you chose to visit Awaken the Inner Light.

There is just one mission here – to help you shine your inner light ever brighter through connectedness with the All That Is.  The closer we as individuals resonate and vibrate with the Unconditional Love and Kindness of the All That Is, the more we bring this energy, and experiences of it, into our reality – both inner and outer.

The energy work is unlike anything else I’ve experienced.  Connecting into the bright, white, iridescent light of Creator, or Creation Energy, we have access to the truth, perspective, knowledge, wisdom, love, compassion, forgiveness, healing and even humor of the All That Is.   From this space of pure Unconditional Love we can and do shift energy patterns, change subconscious programming, change genetic, ancestral and soul programming, do healing work in other times and places, release trauma, manifest and so, so much more.

I have personally found 2 aspects of this work to be pivotal in my own healing.  Muscle or Energy Testing, and “downloads”.   Testing helps us to find and confirm programs, beliefs, obligations, traumas, etc. that are being held.  Even if these have no emotional charge, they can still be taking up space and testing can help determine whether it is there, or not.  Testing helps to understand what is believed or programmed in the subconscious, the body or energy somewhere.  It is not about whether you consciously believe it.  You can rile and rebel against ancestor’s beliefs – and still hold them in your genetics, history, body and elsewhere in your being even if you consciously believe differently.  There is no judgement or criticalness in this testing, it is only about finding what is causing discomfort, dis-ease, or a block of some sort so you can release it and move on.

Downloads have been a true miracle for me, and is a corner stone of this work.  When we “download” the perspective of Creator, and make ours the same, the whole issue we are looking at shifts.  We step out of the human-in-the-forest perspective, and into something like an aerial perspective.  We are lifted out of pain, shame, shock, trauma and fear.  From this perspective, we can more easily venture into the shadows of the subconscious without needing to relive events or be re-traumatized.

We can, and do as is appropriate, download feelings from Creator’s perspective.  This helps us move up the emotional scale without needing to do guess work.  For instance, if one does not know what love or joy feels like from Creator’s perspective, we download it.  This eliminates the need to guess at what love or joy feels like, or looks like based on what we might *think* it is from the environment or stories from others.  The ability to leap out of worry and into hopefulness is easier when we download the information from Creator.  There may still be a time of processing, and discovering what it is to experience it in daily life, and that’s ok.  The more positives we download from Creator, the easier it becomes.

As the shadows are illuminated and clearing done many things are possible.  Psychic senses may open or get clearer, physical well-being may improve, emotional well-being may improve, deliberate manifesting can and often does, happen more easily and more.  As shadows are shifted and cleared, vibration naturally raises and tends to stay at higher levels.  The auric field becomes stronger, clearer and less prone to rips and tears, the frequency emitted becomes stronger than the denser frequencies around.


 “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” ~  Barbara Marciniak

How To Energy/Muscle Test

Why We "Dig"
Digging"  is the process used to identify bottom beliefs.  See, if we just work from the top and clear the surface stuff, it can be rebuilt by the bottom beliefs.  Bottom beliefs hold up the structure of everything it supports.  When we change the root, that whole system structure changes.
There are also plenty of times we can say "Creator, take care of this" and it's done.  It isn't always that easy, especially when belief systems, emotional ties, energy entanglements, and obligations are what we're working on.   Human beings are highly complex, yet simple at the same time.  Step in with an open mind, and a willingness to dig deep - and watch your life change.