About Katie

Katie Kieffer is a highly intuitive, attuned energy healing facilitator, intuitive reader and practitioner instructor of the ThetaHealing® technique.   She assists others in their journey of reclaiming, restoring and embracing their own sense and truth of self-healing and wholeness within themselves and Creator.

Coming into this incarnation with Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance, life was confusing and challenging.   In 2007, in emotional crisis, she sought help and began working with a Deep Feeling Therapist, beginning her journey of deep healing, reclaiming, restoring and embracing her own sense of self, self-healing and her connection to Creator.  Katie began studying energy work in 2010, was introduced to essential oils, herbalism and crystal healing, which she continues to use intuitively as guided.  Her practice of the ThetaHealing technique began in 2012, and quickly proved that it provided what she needed to reach deep into the recesses of her own heart and mind for healing.  Her love and enthusiasm for this work continues to grow.  She became a certified instructor in 2015 to better understand the technique herself, and to be able to help others learn to heal themselves.

In this quickly changing world,  Katie believes whole-heartedly that personal connection with Creator / the All That Is / the Energy of Creation is the key to co-creating our own everyday lives with more light, love, kindness, compassion and joyful happiness.