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Hello and welcome!  So this is where I tell you a bit about me and what I do.

I came to be in this space and place through my own journey of healing, and lots of dissatisfaction with “normal” life.  Born to two rebellious-spirited beings, I am a homeschooling mom of 2 teens (14 &17), married to a mechanical design engineer who also tends to be a bit outside the “norm”, living in the country-ish area outside of Greensboro, North Carolina with 2 dogs and 5 cats.  Life is most definitely interesting.

It wasn’t always so interesting though.  It was once quite painful as a daily normal.  My journey into a sense of well-being has also brought the perspective of life as interesting.  As an empath, or highly sensitive person, I have been required to own myself, my feelings, my behaviour and much more.  It was also required to learn what is mine and what actually belongs to others.  I had to dig deep into the shadows and allow the light and healing in.  Sometimes it really sucks, and those are the moments of breakthrough.  As if there are no other options but to move forward.  Now there is strength in continuing to become more of who I am.  Reaching ever deeper to bring forth the Divine light of my soul, my Sacred Self, my journey continues.

Over the last 10 years several perspectives, tools and trainings have helped me get where I am, and I bring them forward into helping others as Creator guides me.  Every one of us is unique, and our journeys sacred.  A space of non-judgment was vital for me and allowed the safe space to heal and learn. That is the same kind of space I hold for clients and students.

My main focus has become healing the feeling body through and from a spiritual perspective.  It’s the path I have walked personally.  We don’t hear much about healing the emotions and feelings in spiritual circles, yet the word "feel" is used a lot.  Maybe that feeling body needs some attention! I am setting out to help others truly heal at this deep level.  This is the level that emapths live and breathe from, and it deserves healing and attention too.  My purpose is to guide others through their own healing – you and Creator are the healers, I only facilitate, ask the right questions and witness the shifts take place.

The world is changing rapidly, and is more polarized now than ever before.  Stepping into our own path of healing is vital for as we heal ourselves, we create a ripple effect.  It is the key to being the change we want to see in the world.


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Awaken the Inner Light Katie Kieffer, DNA Activation, ThetaHealing, Healing

Katie Kieffer is a natural Intuitive, Empath, Psychic and a Certified Instructor in the ThetaHealing® technique .  She is passionate about understanding self, shifting subconscious beliefs, activating feelings from the perspective of the All That Is, getting higher perspective on herself and the world, and healing the fragmented self, bringing herself and her clients into greater wholeness and self-acceptance. 

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