Katie Kieffer

Intuitive, ThetaHealer®, Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner, Author

Hi!  I’m Katie. A soul here on Earth finding my way through this time of rapid change and evolution, learning to create the experiences I desire to have.  I am a certified ThetaHealer®, Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner, Ascension & Evolutionary Vibrational Coach and the author of Coffee with the Angels.

My Story

It hasn’t been easy or quick, this awakening within.  Sometimes it seems that this journey is an ever-evolving process of digging out the old wounds, learning what they’ve had to teach then letting them go.  My journey of healing and personal evolution gained massive traction 2012 when I took my first class in the ThetaHealing® technique.  I had been seeking for about four years to make significant changes in my life.  I went to a Deep Feeling therapist, took a magic class that introduced me to Reiki, Huna, Astrology, Numerology, chakra meditations, aromatherapy, herbalism, and other forms of energy work…and of course magical work. Someone introduced me to Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief, and that was when I learned that the subconscious mind is central to perception and experience of life and the world.  I understood this quickly, but had no idea what in the subconscious needed to change or how to do it.  Then the ThetaHealing technique showed up for me to learn, and I’ve been using it ever since.

 Beginning this journey was about just being ok myself.  It was about stopping the pain, heartache, frustration, confusion, the feeling of never good enough.  I set out on this mission to change my life.  In my first ThetaHealing class, I never imagined I’d actually be using this technique to help others.  Over seven years of learning and working this technique daily for myself, with my teacher and swapping sessions with several other practitioners, I made baby steps and leaps of progress in feeling better, dropping fifty pounds, getting to know and love myself, learned about what I am manifesting (both wanted and unwanted) and why, gaining emotional maturity, creating healthy boundaries (I started out with none!), learned to balance my empathetic abilities and tendencies, and so much more.  Sitting in that first class, I had no idea how different I would be in seven years.  As I write this in October, 2019 (updating the bio), I feel like I have stepped out of the shadows and into the light.

I truly love sharing what I’ve learned with others and assisting them along their own path of personal healing and evolution.  One of the major lessons I learned is that I cannot do this for others…I can only assist.  I cannot walk the path or do the practice work for you.  My areas of genius are in digging for the subconscious beliefs, feelings, patterns, and dynamic systems that need to shift, and seeing connections where there appear to be none.  I facilitate the shifts, asking Creator to make the changes, then it’s up to you to receive them or not and follow that up with practicing the new vibrations. 

I believe we are all deserving and worthy of the Unconditional Love, Joy, and Truth of the All That Is – and of ourselves. I believe we all have the capacity to step out of our own shadows and into our personal Divine Light.  One of the greatest things I’ve seen on social media is this quote:

“Nobody tells you this, but getting into alignment with your inner being can sometimes feel like baptizing a cat.”

It’s true.  It really is.  I walked into this work with the naiveté thinking it was the silver bullet that would vanquish the darkness within once and for all.  In a way, it has been, but not like I thought it would be.  It’s a process.  It’s an unraveling.  It’s rebuilding, restructuring, relearning, and a lot of letting go.  Sometimes it is sweet relief, sometimes like baptizing a cat.  It’s also worth it.  So, so worth it.

My Core Values

Freedom & Free Will

We all inherently have Free Will, it is a Universal Law that cannot be broken or bent.  When we understand this, all the “unwanted” experiences we’ve had can be viewed through a lens of greater understanding that somewhere within, we had/have an attraction point that attracts and allows such experiences.  This in turn empowers personal responsibility and ability to make changes within.  In doing so, Freedom can be gained.  Freedom from conditioning, belief systems that don’t serve anymore, patterns that one may feel stuck in, freedom from one’s past and history – and freedom from other people’s stuff.  When we take Free Will seriously and claim personal responsibility for our own experiences, we can begin to see what is truly ours and that which belongs to others.  We are then free to disentangle ourselves and be who we really are, move further into living from Sacred Self and creating better experiences.


I truly believe everything and everyone is connected through the All That Is.  We are all part of the All That Is!  I tend to see connections where, on the surface, there appear to be none.  We can all be connected and in oneness while holding our unique perspectives, identities, skills, gifts, and qualities.  While we are not the same, we may have similarities.  While we are “all one”, we are also unique aspects of the All That Is, the microcosm within the macrocosm.  Energetically speaking, what I shift in me ripples out and affects those around me, and the collective.  Likewise, what others shift and do affects me, yet I get to choose to receive or decline the energy (Free Will!).  We are all connected through dynamic systems and structures that become larger than the sum of the parts.  When we understand this, we can shift and change those dynamic systems and structures to higher vibrations.

Sacred Space

Any time you’re going on an inner journey, Sacred Space is necessary.  I’ve been blessed with teachers and healers who not only provided Sacred, Safe Space, but showed me how to provide that for others.

Truth & Honesty

Truth and Honesty from Creator’s perspective are quite kind and gentle.  They may be firm, but I have found it is always kind.  I strive to see Truth from Creator’s perspective, and approach myself and others with Honesty, Kindness, and Compassion.

We Are All Worthy

Worthy of the Unconditional Love of the All That Is, and worthy of unconditionally loving ourselves.  I believe this way of loving self – not some egoic or false love – but true, genuine caring of and for Sacred Self opens the doors to true joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

My Approach

Approaching myself and others through the eyes of Creator is vital to being effective in holding Sacred Space.  I rely on Creator to bring forward objective truth and guidance with kindness and love. 

This is indeed deep psychic/intuitive work.  My dominant ways of “seeing” are:

Clairsentience – Empathy/Feeling

Clairecognizance – Just Knowing

Claireaudience – Hearing

Clairevoyance – Seeing

In sessions, I may say “I feel” or “I’m seeing” or “I’m hearing”…the truth is that it is all a way of “seeing” and “knowing”.  Guided by Creator, through intuition, I help you dig out the blocks, figure out what needs to be brought in, and what needs shifted to open your path forward.  I’ll ask your permission to make the changes, and ask Creator to make these changes.  I am the facilitator and witness of the energy, Creator does the work.  

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