Katie Kieffer

Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Author

Hi!  I’m Katie. A soul here on Earth finding my way through this time of rapid change and evolution, continually learning to live my own Divine Design and create the life and experiences my heart, soul, and human self desire.  I am a certified ThetaHealer®, Soul Realignment® Advanced Practitioner, Ascension & Evolutionary Transformation Mentor and the author of Coffee with the Angels.

I live in the North Carolina Triad area with my two young adult children, five cats and two dogs.  I’ve been working with energy healing as a ThetaHealing® practitioner since 2012, writing Coffee with the Angels since 2017, and reading akashic records since 2019.  How it all fits together continues to amaze me! 


Intuition has been a normal way of being for me all my life, even when I rationalized it away or ignored it.  Hearing what’s not being said, knowing something was “off” when it just didn’t pass the “smell test”, and noticing the slightest shifts in the energies around me have been my saving grace on many occasions.  As I learned about my own Divine Design, I learned that changing consciousness and connecting dots is part of my soul’s blueprint.  Ah, if only my parents had understood when I was a child that their daughter is indeed Divinely Designed to be a changemaker!  Yeah, they got quite frustrated with me wanting to do things differently…or “my way.” 

These innate senses and skills have only been developed further and clarified through the courses and trainings listed above.  Learning these modalities taught me far more than the techniques themselves…they taught me who I really am and that I do have some serious psychic skills–and how to use them to grow and evolve rather than just avoid danger and survive.

Now I get to share these honed, clarified, and focused skills with my clients to assist them on their own unique Divine Paths.  It’s an honor and a blessing to  be here on Earth at this amazing (and seemingly crazy) time!

My Core Values

Freedom & Free Will

Free Will is a Universal Law best left alone.  To me, this means that we each honor our own free will and the free will of others, without infringing on one another, to the best of our ability.

Truth & Honesty

Truth and Honesty from Creator’s perspective are quite kind and gentle.  They may be firm, but I have found it is always kind.  I strive to see Truth from Creator’s perspective, and approach myself and others with Honesty, Kindness, and Compassion.

Non-Judgment & Sacred Space

Any time you’re going on an inner journey, Sacred Space is necessary.  I’ve been blessed with teachers and healers who not only provided Sacred, Safe Space, but showed me how to provide that for others.

In my Divine Design, non-judgement just is.  It is a core value not just by my own choice, but by soul design.  No one can truly heal in the face of harsh judgment, which is why this core value is a choice for me.  I needed safe space free from judgment to heal myself…and I am thankful that teachers, healers, and friends showed up for me.  Now it is at the CORE of my own practice, and is a natural way of being.


Worthy of the Unconditional Love of the All That Is, and worthy of unconditionally loving ourselves.  I believe this way of loving self – not some egoic or false love – but true, genuine caring of and for Sacred Self opens the doors to true joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

I believe that we are all worthy of living the life we truly desire free from harsh judgment and criticalness.  I believe we are all worthy of being who and what we want to be, and can become that, no matter the trials and errors we’ve faced along the way.

YOU are worthy…worthy of love, kindness, joy, happiness, abudnance and wealth, and whatever your heart and soul desires.