Activate Feelings

Do you know what Joy feels like?  Do you know what Forgiveness feels like?  Do you know what Love feels like?  Or do you have some inexplicable, intangible, confusing idea of what they’re supposed to feel like, but with no real experience of them, as I did?

Do you know what it feels like to live without compulsive anger, fear, conflict, frustration?  What about knowing what it feels like to live without compulsively saying “yes” when you really want to say “no”?  Does the thought of saying “no” put a pit in your stomach and a catch in your throat?  For me, that was all about never having my “NO” respected and honored, I had no idea what that felt like.

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Evolve Beliefs

Expand Perception

Heal Heart & Soul

About Katie

Awaken the Inner Light Katie Kieffer, DNA Activation, ThetaHealing, Healing

Katie Kieffer is a natural Intuitive, Empath, Psychic and a Certified Instructor in the ThetaHealing® technique .  She is passionate about understanding self, shifting subconscious beliefs, activating feelings from the perspective of the All That Is, getting higher perspective on herself and the world, and healing the fragmented self, bringing herself and her clients into greater wholeness and self-acceptance. 


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