Radical Permission to Be Your Sovereign Self


Your Original Divine Soul Blueprint

Your Soul Blueprint is the key to your greatest…







And it is radical permission to be your Sovereign Self.

Who is this Sovereign Self?

Your soul.  It’s really that simple.

Discover Who You Are & How You Operate At Soul Level

At soul level, you have a unique blend of characteristics and energies that construct who you are and how you operate.

Soul Origination

Your innate characteristics are revealed in your Soul Origin.

Primary Energies & Matrix

Your dominant energies reveal your innate nature, and what your soul is least concerned with.

Soul Operating System

Your Operating System reveals just that…how you are designed to operate.  Is your soul designed to instigate or respond?  Does your soul ask “How am I like this/that?” or “How am I different from this/that?”  Are you process oriented or outcome oriented?  All these, plus some others, are how you are Divinely designed to operate, and they are major keys to how you manifest.

Soul Specializations

Your Soul Specializations reveal skill your soul has mastered.

Life Themes (or "lessons")

Your Life Themes (or “lessons”) reveal what your soul has chosen to experience from a 360° view.  They may also be karma that’s being worked out, a way of being the soul is seeking to understand and grow, or exploration of how to do a life theme in a way that is appropriate for you, without crossing over into negative choices that generate “negative” karma.

Understanding your unique design can be a beautiful reclamation of your personal power in your own life!  When you know how you are designed, you have far more choice in what you do and how you show up in your own life.

Learning who you are at soul level is radical self-acceptance and authenticity.

It’s really all about living from your soul as you were originally designed.


Your unique design is how you were made by the Creator.  The record of your Original Soul Blueprint is in the Akashic Records, and can be accessed and understood so you can:


Have greater abundance

(without having to work hard for it)

Enjoy true freedom in who you really are

(without having to fight for it)

Give yourself radical permission to live your truest self-expression

(instead of feeling like you have to hide your true self)

Have better understanding of your soul’s path, mission, and desires

(instead of wondering just what it is your soul wants)

Receive greater flow of Vital Force Energy

(so you can be more energized in body, mind, and spirit)

One of the major causes of deep-seated recurring life and health issues I have seen in myself and in clients over and over is that of being imbalanced and misaligned with ourselves.


Your Soul Blueprint offers an energetic map of yourself.

What You Receive With A Soul Blueprint Reading

Live Session via Zoom

A live session to go over your comprehensive Soul Blueprint.  Generally an hour and a half to two hours.


All Soul Blueprint readings are done over Zoom so we can record them!  You get a recording that you can download to revisit and review at any time.

Preparation Time

Prior to our meeting, I access your soul’s record and compile the information.  This can take 2-3 hours.

Deeper Self-Understanding

As your reading unfolds, you’ll begin to see patterns that line up with how your soul is designed!  It’s massive permission to allow your true nature to shine through.

Practical, Actionable Ideas

What good does understanding who you are at soul level do if there aren’t any practical, actionable ideas for you to DO?  This is where the woo meets down-to-Earth practical steps.  When you understand who you are and how you operate, you can begin taking action that brings you back into balance and alignment with yourself, and reap the wonderful benefits of having done so!


This is a profound opportunity to radically transform your current experiences, perceptions, and choices, and to truly step into your Sovereign Self.


Katie is a wonderful healer. We’ve worked together on many issues that I felt too nervous to work on before, but she put me at ease and was very understanding and non judgmental, which really helped me open up further and as a result, I had an excellent healing. I’ve also found her very patient. She has a lovely healing energy and I know I am in good hands when I’m working with her. I would definitely recommend Katie and I’ll continue to work with her in future, not only because she is a fantastic healer, but also because she has become a valued friend.

Kelly Meisak


Hi!  I’m Katie Kieffer

Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, ThetaHealing Practitioner, and author of Coffee with the Angels.
An energy healing facilitator helping clients find their own peace, harmony, abundance, joy, freedom, well-being, and much, much more in accordance with their unique soul-level design.

About Me

Guiding, coaching, and mentoring others to their Original Divine Soul Blueprint lights me up!   I’m passionate about understanding myself and others as multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings in this human  experience. The idea of living from the soul, what I call Sacred Self or Sovereign Self, and living life as my soul desires inspires me.   Each facet of our being has a perspective of experience, desires to fulfill, and a valid place in the wholeness of our being.

As I move along my own path of becoming my Sovereign Self, the overall tone of my life has shifted from a perpetual feeling of self-doubt and unimportance to a general sense of well-being, balance, harmony and joy.

Sometimes this journey looks like a sweet summer stroll along a shoreline, and feels like the perfect gentle breeze flowing through life.  Sometimes this looks like a rollercoaster track with steep inclines and sharp drops, hard turns and moments of being flipped upside down.  It has become apparent to me that for each and every challenge, I will learn something of great value, and I get to grow, mature, and evolve.  For each moment of joy and sweetness, I have the opportunity to increase my own capacity to expand it.

This leads me into deeper freedom to be who I really am, navigate my daily life in ways that feel free, nourishing, and fulfilling.

If you are ready to live more and more into your Sovereign Self, to claim your own Divine Creatorship of your life, and live more of your soul in your day-to-day life, I say – GO FOR IT.  You are worth it.  Your soul knows what you’re here to do and experience…wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew, consciously, too?

Step Into Your Truest Self-Expression!