Your Original Soul Blueprint,

Your Personal True North

Discover energies, traits and characteristics  that are true to you

(psst…. you may have been taught that these are “bad”, “wrong”, or “character flaws”)

Understand the “positive” and “negative” polarities of your dominant energies

Learn what skills your soul has developed and how they may be showing up in your life now


Embark on your journey of

Awakening the sleeping power within

Building yourself up from the inside

Reclaiming your authenticity and  wholeness of self-expression

Experience more freedom, joy, and fulfillment in creating and living your human life

Discover Who You Are & How You Operate At Soul Level

At the soul level, you have distinct dominant characteristics and energies that construct who you are and how you operate.  Understanding your unique structures can assist in deeply restoring your sense of wholeness and self-acceptance.

Align Within

In order to gain and sustain a genuine sense of well-being within, all aspects of self need to be well aligned, clear, and headed toward the same desired experiences. More importantly creating the flow is easier when you understand what is congruent to how you are designed to operate and self-express!

Your Soul Blueprint,

Your Sacred Map

Your Soul Blueprint is a wealth of information.  It can help you understand how you have been affected by what you have learned (or been told) about what is the “right” and “wrong” ways to do things and BE.

Finding out how you are wired to self-express at SOUL LEVEL can bring a massive amount of clarity to what you may feel is just “wrong” about what you’ve been taught, or what you may feel is “wrong” about yourself.

Our world is filled with messages of how we are “supposed” to be, act, and do things.  When those messages align with how one is wired at soul level, they are supportive.  However, when those messages are in conflict with how one is wired at soul level, they can be quite hurtful and cause confusion within one’s self.

Your Soul Blueprint is the map of your Sacred Self.  Solving the mysteries of what and why some things feel so “off” to you is far easier when you have a map of what is authentically you to refer to.

Understanding your Sacred Self can lead you into greater vibrational congruence with true self-acceptance and authenticity.

Living from the heart is something so many set intentions for and do their best do actually achieve.  Living from the heart is living a soul-led life.  Sometimes this works beautifully, even when done unconsciously.  Other times it would be really helpful to have a map, compass, and guide to help navigate.  Each of us has our own “true north” that we can move toward.  Knowing who you are at soul level gives your compass the true north to point to.  That’s where it begins.


While working with Katie during a Theta Healing session, I felt completely safe and comfortable. I explain to her what situation that I want help with. Then using her unique skills for questioning and gift of connecting the dots, we dive in! Through the answers I give, she helps me to reveal what is at the core of my beliefs. Free of judgment, I always feel supported and guided through the dark until the light is revealed. Since inner work is sometimes uncomfortable, it is nice to have her with me as I walk thorough my fire. I emerge shiny and new with her by my side! I always feel so nurtured and unconditionally loved through the experience. I learn things about myself each session. It is like peeling layers of an onion. I highly recommend her work to anyone having challenges in their lives and want to do the inner work to transform and change. It is amazing what she can accomplish remotely over the phone while connecting with you!”


Jill B., ~ Arizona, U.S.

“I scheduled a session with Katie not sure what to expect but wanting help with releasing old patterns so that I could more easily move forward in my business. The session was AMAZING. Not only did we clear the patterns (including way deeper levels of some patterns that I had worked on for years), but Katie implanted some key awarenesses and definitions that have made a huge difference. I feel much more spacious and confident moving forward now and new opportunities are already presenting themselves! I highly recommend Katie for anyone who has a block to moving forward in the direction they want. Thank you Katie!”

Kristine Madera

Conversations From The Edge,

Katie is a wonderful healer. We’ve worked together on many issues that I felt too nervous to work on before, but she put me at ease and was very understanding and non judgmental, which really helped me open up further and as a result, I had an excellent healing. I’ve also found her very patient. She has a lovely healing energy and I know I am in good hands when I’m working with her. I would definitely recommend Katie and I’ll continue to work with her in future, not only because she is a fantastic healer, but also because she has become a valued friend.

Kelly Meisak

Hi!  I’m Katie Kieffer

ThetaHealer®, Ascension & Evolutionary Vibrational Coach. Author.  A Guiding Light Through The Inner Work.

About Me

Hi!  I’m Katie Kieffer,  a certified practitioner of the ThetaHealing® technique, Ascension and Vibrational Coach, and Author of Coffee with the Angels .  Guiding, coaching, and mentoring others through the inner work of healing, evolving, and being their true selves lights me up.   I’m passionate about understanding myself and others as multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings in this human  experience. The idea of living from the soul, what I call Sacred Self, and living life as my soul desires inspires me.  I believe this is a major evolutionary time in human history, and we are in the midst of letting go of many old ways while creating new ones.

This evolutionary journey involves becoming aware of the various aspects of self we each have within.  Some need healing, some need expression, some need tender loving care, some simply need to be heard and misunderstandings cleared up.  Each facet of our being has a perspective of experience, desires to fulfill, and a valid place in the wholeness of our being.

Sometimes this journey looks like a sweet summer stroll along a shoreline, and feels like the perfect gentle breeze flowing through life.  Sometimes this looks like a rollercoaster track with steep inclines and sharp drops, hard turns and moments of being flipped upside down.  It has become apparent to me that for each and every challenge, I will learn something of great value, and I get to grow, mature, and evolve.

As I have moved along this path, the overall tone of my life has shifted from a perpetual feeling of self-doubt and unimportance to a general sense of well-being, balance, harmony and joy.  Each level of my history excavated reveals a wealth of gifts, understanding, knowledge, and confidence.  This leads me into deeper freedom to be who I really am, navigate my daily life in ways that feel free, nourishing, and fulfilling.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Step Into Your Truest Self-Expression!